Water Contact - Dance 


We have spend lots of time exploring how the dancing elements of contact impro can be brought into the water space. How we can play with spirals, with the gravity and potential it brings.

While building our own trust in the extension of breathless moments under water, diving into relexation, letting ourselves flow and allowing our bodies to find fluid movements together.


Finding relaxation and ease, allowing ourself to fall and to be supported by a warm fluid element, we will dance in a time-space where the word trust get a new meaning.

Connecting to our breath, calming our mind and surrendering our muscle tone to the warm water, we will approach this new dimension exploring our movement from a new prospective.

Giving and receiving somatic bodyworks and playing with our dance partners we will allow our body get in use to this new environment where a new range of possibilities open up and where we can experience the absence of gravity and play as if we would be the space.

Trough many kind of exercise we will work on:
- Get more and more confidence with the water
- Explore playfulness in the water like dolphins
- Find ease and relax to allow our breath can last more.

This classes are for you if:
- You already are able to swim, and you want to explore new ways to approach the water that are different than usual way or swimming techniques.
- Explore freedom and playfulness.
- Work on your body awareness and letting go stress in a playful way
- Improve your skills and get more confidence in and with the water.
- Work on your self trust



"The perception of #time under water is my latest movement research. Its a special feeling when everything slows down down and i feel carried by the soft holder that is everywhere around me. The word "gravity" gets a new meaning and I can carry the feeling on the dance space, where the ability to remain soft, while allowing my body to play with the instinct, is a precious quality to embody.

The instinct of the body is to grasp for air, until I calmly invite myself to trust. Its not the relaxation that I experience, rather the feeling that my body liquid is searching for the equilibrium with the water around me. When this happens, there is a feeling of oneness, when I do not know anymore who is carrying who.

There is no music that is dictating my movement. What becomes strongly present is the beating of my own heart, and this becomes my music. I observe how its beating is creating ripples in my system.

Under the water I feel alone and yet meet in the most profound way. Feeling there is beginning and ending for everything and all I can do, is flow in between them." 

"What is an appropriate warm up for a water dance?

In the early days of experimentation the first thing I've notice was the absence of ground as we are in use in the dance space.
This brought me to a clear question:

How can we relate to the gravity without the dance floor under our feet?

Basically the ground offer as a base where we can create our grounding, to offer to our dane partners a structure that provide a safe and stable support to our partner.

I love Joerg Hassmann definition of CI: a social dance where there is listening and weight exchange.
In the water the weight exchange is missing.

So, how can we adapt our CI dance to this new conditions?

After some time spent in this dilemma, I was researching with another friend Benjamin Ibry, and in the thermal bath where we were that day we chose to step in the water doing a slow walk on the ramp.

I start observing how, my singular body parts were relating to gravity. Walking slowly I found time to perceive how the body parts still out of the water were falling to the center of the hearth, and the one submerge in the fluid were falling up, in the opposite direction. The next question which came was:

How can we play with this two opposite forces?

I love to refer to this two forces as Newton and Archimede, and imagining that I can have a trio with them. And they have a clear and constant point of contact, the water edge.
Steve Paxton said that our first dance partner is the ground, so in the water we have constantly two dance partners.

When we are completely submerge in the water we are completely floating up, with Benjamin we found out that for superficial water dances, deflating part of the air of our lungs and pushing one limb out of the water allow us to sing in an effortless way, opening up many movement possibilities and prolonging our dance time. Even more than save completely all the air without losing any bubble, like I was trained in the freediving course.

This because doing this we reduce the gap between Archimede and Newton. "

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