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How &Why

The approach to psychotherapy is based on the theoretical principles of Gestalt experiential psychotherapy, but with a particular focus on body and movement. It's a therapy approach where body is included in the full engagement of the therapeutic process from the beginning to the end. 

This doesn't necessarily mean we do not sit during some parts of therapy, but we do it if this has for clients experience a particular meaning. 

We do not want to exclude the full variety of sensations during therapy. This sensation is understood as a broader alphabet of our experiencing and a compass to emerging emotional states. 

I believe they are important guides through the exploration of inner landscapes of emotions, thoughts, believes, and therefore behavior. 


By including body in therapy, we introduce a client with a new way of understanding themselves and connecting to their present moment experience. They start trusting their inner impulse to move, react, introduce a gesture, take a certain position, need to be still, etc. and use this knowledge to help themselves restore balance, develop more resilience and wider inner space of containment.

This isn't just a process,  

It's an invitation.  

To return back to the roots of your body and help you explore them. 


About me

I have a University degree in Psychology with a license to work in the field of health care, issued by the Ministry of Health.
I am also in my last years of Gestalt experiential psychotherapy studies with permission to work individually with clients under supervision. 

I am currently full-time employed as a psychologist in the Center for Mental Health (Center za duševno zdravje odraslih) in Health Center Trbovlje. 

To book an individual appointment, contact me on

Špela Peterlin - Nayeli
univ. dipl.psih.  

"It wasn't until I reconnected with my own body, that I realized the undiscovered potential and wisdom my body holds for me.

Potential for healing, 

the feeling of returning home,

feeling awake, alive, and present. 


There is unspoken inner wisdom of sensing my boundaries,

understanding my present moment needs,

locating my current emotions, 

experiencing joy and peace. 


Being connected and present with my body is for me a doorway to safety,  containment, and a sense of ground,

that I have been searching in my life." 

Embodiment is not a practice,

It's a state of being.

It's not about where do you return to,

it's rather from where you are coming from.

The embodiment can be also doing paperwork, if you stay connected with your body while doing it, rather than cutting of sensations, feelings and experiences.

It arises a sense of boundary we have with the world outside ourselves and therefore, it can help us stay connected with our own needs and desires. This leads to fewer burnout symptoms and a more solid experience of self. It gives a sensation of safe fluidness with ourselves, the world and this can strengthen our connection to it. It's such importance, to help clients remember their way back to their own home in their bodies. Something that seems obvious, is certainly not and we are living in times where encoding the wisdom of the body is a precious ongoing process of friendship with ourselves!

Nayeli Špela

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