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Our principles of work

With our work we want to point out the importance and wide affect that movement has in our lives. Since many times personal development is perceived as a way how we can change something, grow into etc., with our work we are inviting an embodiment to bring a crucial point on a personal paths. Creating links that are interconnected with our inner processes as well as with our capacity to move with them with our physical bodies. 

Through a belief that psychology and somatic practices go hand in hand together, in our work we wanna address them both and therefore encourage a process of integration. 

The field of psychology can bring us inspiration for our movement explorations and vice versa, either working with the groups or individuals, social topics such as integration, inclusion, all of them, we can explore through moving with them.  


Each intention of work has its own "rules" and potential of personal growth. Exploring somatic an movement practices are bringing us a different way in - into ourselves. Knowing and understanding how to relax into ourselves can be a practice that for a person is a way in, while for someone else, more reflective and intelectual way in will be a path. Both ways can be integrative part of work together.  

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