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Our principles of work

Through our endeavours, we aim to underscore the profound significance and far-reaching impact of the movement in our lives. Often, personal development is viewed as a means of instigating change or fostering growth. However, our work seeks to emphasize an embodied approach, shedding light on a pivotal aspect of the personal journey. We strive to establish connections that intertwine with our internal processes and our ability to navigate them with our physical bodies.

Firmly believing in the relationship between psychology and somatic practices, our work addresses both realms, fostering a harmonious process of integration. In our perspective, the realms of psychology and somatic experiences complement each other, and we advocate for their simultaneous consideration.

Whether engaging with groups or individuals, our work explores social themes such as integration and inclusion through the lens of movement. We maintain that psychology can serve as a wellspring of inspiration for our movement explorations, and conversely, our physical movements can provide valuable insights for psychological understanding.



Every work intention comes with its set of "rules" and the potential for personal growth. Delving into somatic and movement practices provides a unique avenue for self-exploration. The journey involves discovering how to ease into one's own being. For some individuals, the path to self-discovery may involve cultivating a practice of relaxation, while for others, a more reflective and intellectual approach may be their preferred route. Importantly, both pathways can seamlessly integrate into the collaborative work, enriching the overall experience.

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