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If you are interested in joining us, send us mail on: and we will give you more info regarding time and place of our workshops. 

What is it? 


Psychology in movement sessions are designed to bring more understanding, awareness and self- reflections in the connection of our psychological processes (mental and emotional functions) and physical body reactions/behaviour. 

During the sessions we explore this connections through movement and different body-mind techniques, bodywork, expressional dance and different movement exercises. 


During the sessions, we aim to build more awareness of our behavioural mechanisms and explore what is creating them. Therefore we will work a lot with belief systems that are integrated in our everyday life and search for the body-mind connection of it.

Our thoughts are in constant movement. Creating connections with our emotional response sensors and clearly communicating with the body. 

In the body, we are sorting many massages and believes. When we start co-working with our body and cooperating, deeply listening and caring, we can start understanding its expression and decoding its messages. 




Who is it for? 

This workshops are suitable for everyone who is interested in psychology and likes to move. 

Would like to know more about yourself and overcome some of your behavioural patterns that are keep repeating in your life.  

If you would like to get more in contact with your body and start to understand its needs. 

Gain more understanding how body and mind function together and influence each other. 

*No previous movement practice needed. 

Methods of work

Methods of work will include bodywork, body awareness exercises, expression through movement, writing, drawing, dance, self reflection techniques, ... We will going to use also methods ofsomatic work, dance improvisation etc. to explore what is reality of our body-mind.

During all sessions, we will want to find connection with ourselves and our inner world. To understand it deeply and create conscious understanding. 

From time to time some workshops will be lead by different facilitators with their method of work and principles they use to explore themselves and mechanism of body-mind connections.


Working Conditions:

Because of the intensive work of 3-hours long sessions. Therefore we want to work in small groups, where we can hold space for each other and create safe space for our personal growth and exploration.

Therefore there will be limited space available (Max 15 participants). This program is a process that demands your dedication and commitment. Not to the group or facilitator, but to yourself. To embody new new ways of acting, we have to be patient and use practice that will be slowly implanted in our daily life. 


Process of the Sessions:

Each session will be 3h long with specific topic that we will explore through movement. Topics will be know in advance and will be formed regarding the group needs and desires. Therefore each session will be a group process that will specifically focus on the needs of each participant. 

After each workshop, we will set intentions for the following week in order to self reflect on the session and invite more understanding also in our day to day life.

Every time after the workshop I will send you mail with specific personal questions on which you can work on during the week. Every participant will respond to the questions till the last day before next workshop. This way I can offer support and prepare material that will be suitable for the whole group.

This is how we can really work on group as much as on personal level. 



If you are interested in joining us, send us mail with more questions or join us on introduction session.


Warm hug,


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