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Hello, dear moving companion

MOAVE is a non-governmental Organization, founded to support people on their personal path to reconnect with their body intelligence and themselves in order to establish a more embodied way of living and therefore holistic health.

The organization is located in Slovenia but working on European and worldwide level. 

We are active in the regional and national level while getting more involved also in international scale.

Our main intention is to support people on their personal path to reconnect with their body intelligence and themselves in order to live an authentic and embodied life.


In our programs, we interconnect knowledge of different movement backgrounds (movement practices such as expressive dance, dance improvisation, contact improvisation, bodywork and other somatic practices) with psychological principles and theories. The ground we work on is creating a bridge and awake the awareness of how our bodies and psyche are interconnected and give participants on our activities a space to explore, sense and realize how they affect each other.   


We are supporting, creating and organising events that encourage social inclusion, intercultural dialogue, address mental health problems and encourage a healthy, holistic lifestyle.

The field of our works is based on preventive programs for mainly adult population.


Our Vision? 


Our main mission is to help people unlock and unlock their full potential, creativity and expression while exploring their own movement vocabulary. To help them reconnect with their own body and learn how to awake our senses and release our tensions. 



  • by encouraging them to reconnect with their inner child playfulness and their sensitiveness,

  • by inviting them, to explore their emotions through their body and movements,   

  • to help them recognize (through body) their needs, desires and present sensations,

  • to encourage them to express their story (using their body),

  • to recognize again their natural way of moving and interacting with life,

  • inviting people to explore their inner wisdom and guidance through movement.



Who we are? 

Psychologists, body-workers, athletes, dancers, artists, trainers, educators, youth workers, etc. but especially we are intuitive listeners of our own body. We have created this NGO, to offer and share our passion for movement, self-exploration and expression with the world. 

We invite you to share with us your personal journey, through co-creating projects, workshops, retreats, trainings or 1 on 1 sessions. We are open for many ideas. 

By cooperating with many European organisation and cocreating projects, our vision can be shared and spread. If you want to get informed about our projects, subscribe to our mailinglist or visit us on FB-page. 


Let us meet through movement. 



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