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In march 2019 for MOAVE - psychology in movements happened first Erasmus+ Training course with the topic of Improvisation in youth work, trainers work, NFE work and everyday life.

Amazing team of trainers Jana StaráAntonio Cargnello and Andrej Dobes focused on bringing experimental and theoretical backgrounds of improvisation principles while offering time/space to explore it.

In a 8-days long process, we focused on the Otto Scharmers ( - U theory that we used as a structure of the day. 
We were exploring methods such as: 
contact improvisation, dance improvisation (elements dance, ritual dance...), theatre improvisation, presencing theatre, mindfulness, ... ...

Participants from 9 different countries are bringing back to their organisation new knowledge and experiences they are willing to share with you, so check out in the organisations below, if you can get inspired, enriched and with improvisation as well.

Thank you, partners of the project, for helping us to make this possible:  
Dobroti / Jana Stará / Checz Republik 
Open Sense / Latvia 
Dreams for Life / Bogdan Romanică / Romania
Euroaccion Murcia / Diego Miguel Marín Romera / Spain 
Eden / Germany 
Creative Youthland / Georgia Sotiropulu / Greece 
Eolas Soiléir / Deirdre Quinlan / Ireland 
Teatro Invisibile / Antonio Cargnello / Italy

Nayeli Špela from MOAVE - psychology in movement for the admin work needed to happen for this project 
who are bringing this new embodied knowledge back home, into your environment and work!

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