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About our trainings

Our trainings are focused on mental health themes through embodiment practices. Therefore trainings are led by professionals (psychologists, therapists, dancers) with years of experience in the field of mental health and working with groups (facilitation).

Trainings therefore provide a space where we can tackle both personal and professional growth. Our trainers are qualified professionals with backgrounds in psychology, therapy, and dance.

Their expertise ensures that the mental health themes are addressed with

the depth and sensitivity they require.

About embodiment practices: 

Embodiment practices integrate physical movement with mental and emotional processes, promoting a more wide, and multilayered approach to mental health. 

About nature: 
All our training locations are nature-based. This is highly important for us because of many reasons that are both ecological (building awareness around sustainable living) and psychological (learning, connecting, regulating etc.) 

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Practical information


These training courses are co-funded through the Erasmus+ Programme,

travel costs up to a specific maximum allowed amount (see below) will be fully reimbursed.

How does it work? 

Erasmus Plus provides a fixed travel grant based on the distance between your home and the host country. This grant is intended to cover your travel expenses. This grant is calculated using a distance calculator provided by the European Commission. 

  • You book your travel to the host country. What is important is to keep all receipts and tickets.

  • After your trip, submit your travel documents (tickets, boarding passes, and receipts) to your Erasmus coordinator.

  • Reimbursement: The coordinator reviews your documents and reimburses you up to the amount of the travel grant. If your expenses are less than the grant, you get reimbursed for the actual amount you spent. If they are more, you only get reimbursed up to the grant amount.

  • Timing: Reimbursements typically happen after the mobility period, so you might need to pay upfront and get reimbursed later (approximately 6 - 8 weeks after participants send all their travel documents and completed the contributing arrangements etc.).

More detailed information about the travel reimbursement will be provided to selected participants and will be assisted by the project coordinator. ​

Fixed travel grand information: 

10 - 99 km                    28 EUR  (56 EUR for Green Travel*)

100 - 499 km              211 EUR  (285 EUR for GT*)  

500 - 1999 km            309 EUR  (417 EUR for GT) 

2000 - 2999 km          395 EUR  (535 EUR for GT) 

3000 - 3999 km          580 EUR  (785 EUR for GT) 

4000 - 7999 km        1188 EUR  

For an exact calculation of your destination, please use travel distance calculator! 


Slovenia: 28 EUR (56 EUR for Green Travel*)
Italy: 211 EUR  (285 EUR for GT*) 

Germany, Spain, Poland, Latvia, France: 309 EUR  (417 EUR for GT) 

Portugal, Finland: 395 EUR  (535 EUR for GT) 

We encourage green GREEN TRAVELING! 

We encourage you to use green travel options for several reasons. Choosing environmentally friendly modes of transportation, such as trains, buses, bicycles, or carpooling, not only significantly reduces your carbon footprint but also contributes to the fight against climate change. By opting for green travel, you help decrease air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, promoting cleaner air and healthier communities.

Additionally, green travel often supports local economies and sustainable tourism practices. For instance, traveling by train or bus allows you to explore and engage with local communities in a more meaningful way, fostering cultural exchange and understanding, which aligns with the core values of the Erasmus+ program.

Furthermore, by choosing sustainable travel options, you set a positive example for others and contribute to a collective effort towards more responsible and conscious travel habits. This can inspire fellow participants and the broader community to make more eco-friendly choices, amplifying the positive impact on our planet.

Embracing green travel within Erasmus+ training courses not only aligns with environmental sustainability goals but also enriches your travel experience, supports local economies, improves personal health, and fosters a culture of responsibility and awareness.


Participation contribution: we offer the opportunity to self-assess your contribution on a sliding scale between 70 – 120 euro (to be paid in cash upon arrival). Considering the participation in full days of activities, please choose an amount that responds to your possibilities and matches the values of balance and reciprocity. In case of participation fee difficulties, please state it in the application. 

The participation contribution ensures participant commitment and supports the high-level educational environment.



The delicious food will be vegan/vegetarian, prepared with love and care by our cook. To provide and keep a safe and focused atmosphere for everybody we invite you to agree with an alcohol/drugs-free policy during the whole training course.


Health insurance will NOT be provided or reimbursed by the mobility organisers. However, it is a mandatory requirement for all participants to provide your own health insurance. This should cover you for the full duration of your time in Slovenia. When you have arranged your insurance policy, please provide us with the details of it before you attend the training course, by sending us a scanned copy at 

If you are an EU resident, you can use the free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to allow you access to public hospital treatment. Having this card means you may be able to receive free medical treatment in the event of an emergency, but it is NOT guaranteed. Also please be aware that the EHIC is NOT a travel insurance policy, it will not cover private health care, non-emergency health costs, or being flown back to your home country. To learn more, please go to

General travel insurance to cover the safety of your possessions, lost luggage, delays to flights, etc is NOT a mandatory requirement, but it is advisable.


Location - venue 

The training will be hosted in the Slovenian countryside, surrounded by forests, which can offer us an authentic meeting with Nature and (through it) also with ourselves.


Nature is an important element and facilitator of our projects. Learning how nature is effortlessly present by default, we can reflect and learn about the unnecessary movements in our everyday lives.

We will live and share space, through the attitude of a coliving system, just as trees share space, time and presence.

Notice: More detailed information about the l location of the venue will be provided

to selected participants.



  • I am from a country not listed as a participation- partner country in the project I am interested in. What can I do?  

    Project partners are organizations based in specific countries. You must travel from one of these listed countries to be eligible for travel reimbursement. You can return to a different country if needed. To qualify for reimbursement, you must either be a citizen of a partner country or have written proof that you live or work in a partner country.

  • How many days before the training I can start my travel in order to still get my reimbursement? 

    The maximum amount of travel days for non-green travel is 2 days. 
    The maximum amount of travel days for green travel is 6 days. 

  • If I arrive one day before the training starts, can I have my accommodation reimbursed? 

    Sadly we can not reimburse you for your accommodation if you are coming before the training starts. 

  • Is there an age limit for participating in this training? 

    There is no age limit (apart for being 18 years old). We tend to create harmonious and diverse group of individuals with different backgrounds, knowledge, skills and motivations, in order to make the training a field of possibilities, exchanges and growth. 

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