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WHY to become a member? 


Be informed about latest events, gatherings, programs, workshops, retreats, trainings, discussions etc. that we are organising and have a chance to become a part of them. 


Be the first one who can apply to the variety of training courses we are partners of in the Erasmus+ program. 
We are offering free participations on 8-10 days trainings and youth exchanges all over europe. 


Join us for the events we organise by having 10% discount on all the activities. 

Possibilities to join in the free meetings of members every month and discouss with us how movement meets psychology in our everyday lifes. 


Meet like minded people and share with them your ideas of embodiment practices, your movement vocubolary and your personal learning process to embodiment.  

HOW to become a member... 


Come in contact with us so that we can get to know you, if we do not already. Let us know Why you want to be a part of this association. 


We will send you a FORM that you can fill up and sign it. 


You will become official MEMBER of MOAVE association after sending us

20 eur of yearly membership fee on our association account and recieve membership card. 

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