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A pause to...

Take a moment of pause to ...

- reflect

- question

- and practice.


Since keeping ourselves embodied is not a random happening, we believe it requires staying present and open for listening. For dedicating moments of time to just pause from everything. To see and hear what is going on, what matters, what went missing, what needs our attention, and what can we do next in order to feel integrated, centred and connected.


So just take a pause to Be. 

Some other inspirations...

We tend to keep ourselves inspired to tackle the curiosity and embody new knowledge. 
Here is a small collection of what keep us going, feeding our body-mind and activate the learning process. 

We hope it serves you also! 


books : 

Peter Lavine - Unspoken voice 

Gabor Mate - When body says no

Bessel Van Der Kolk  - The body keeps the score 

Martin Keogh - Dancing deeper still 


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