Introduction to 5 basic elements that will be our main

guiding-line through most workshops.



1. Coming back to self (self centering)
When we interact with others, many things can already be triggered within us to act according

to what is "correct", to play a role, to hide behind our well known masks. But this inward journey

is not about that. But becoming aware of where we are at this moment, breathing, calming down

and finding inner center. When interaction with others comes from inside-out instead of outer-in way,

we can feel more safe and honest with others. We can express our needs and sensations with much

more ease and awareness.


2. Playfulness 
When we become playful, our masks slowly start to fall away, and when this is starting to happen, thoughts don't have control over us anymore. So playfulness is a process of becoming authentic, honest, pure, and like children – full of wonder, curiosity and belief, that things can be done. I guess no one is ever born with the idea that he can not achieve something. That is what we have been observing in the environment, that is what we were told. So we adopted this belief and protect it like gold. But in truth, this is our own cage.


3. Inner inspiration (playing with emotions) 
If there is no inner trigger, there is no motion. If there is no intention, there is stillness… but also in this stillness there is a possibility for exploration. In fact from the place of no intention, we can start to play, observe and interact with whatever comes. There are so many things that can inspire us. Place, people, objects in the room, sensations, smell… we can play with everything once our head is not on the “way” to analyze, interpreted or wants to understand. This is the place of no need, no attachment and no obligation. From this place, art comes from. Passion emerges. Life begins again and again.


4. Allowance of expression
When we allow ourselves to express with all that we are… we contradict inner idea of “normal”. And this is the path to authenticity. To stop comparing ourselves with others, to stop judging our moves, to stop criticizing what wants to be released. But just let go… let go of whatever is holding us hostage. Expression helps us come in contact with expressing our needs that are wisely hidden in unbalanced emotional reactions. By expressing, we are starting to learn how to hold balance, how to honestly communicate and speak our truth.


5. Exploration 
With the space of expression, playfulness and allowance, we can start to explore. Ourselves, our sensations, our reactions towards others, … and here is where journey really begins. Here is where body (with no interference of mind) can really show us what is its truth. We become observers of what is driving our attention, what is pulling us to act, what can be released in motion and how movement wants to be expressed. How our stories are interconnected and told to ourselves and others. 
In the end of this phase, body storytelling begins. 
And you are there to listen, observe and play with motion.