Špela Peterlin - Nayeli 

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Psychologist, Non formal education trainer, gestalt experimental psychotherapy student, contact improvisation dancer, psychosomatic clinical researcher and founder of Moave - psychology in movement organisation.


Her first work as a trainer and psychologist was orientated toward group dynamic processes, where focus was on personal awareness growth that can be reached from group process orientated work. After establishing Moave organisation, her focus shifted to more somatic and movement orientated practices (such as dance, body expression, body awareness, stress management, bodywork principles etc.) that link the bridge between seemingly separated body and mind. 


Individually she is working with international volunteers and individuals who want to reawake their body-mind connections. She is using somatic and body orientated approaches and combining methods of movement, dance and psychology theories in her workshops and trainings, in order to light the awareness of our everyday functioning and behaviour, mental and physical strategies we use in everyday life and their linked connection to our relationships. One of her program is called Psychology in movement that is focused on psychological theories present inside relationships (such as attachment theory, archetypal behavioural strategies etc.) and somatic reactions and symptoms connected to it.


On the field of non formal education, she is a member of National Agency of Slovenia pool of trainers for Erasmus+ programs and activities. Since many years she has also been cooperating with NGO on the field of youth work in Slovenia, by organising and leading workshops for potential seeking, raising employability competences, emotional intelligence, teambuilding activities, stress related topics etc.   

She is a main organiser, program manager and facilitator in Moave organisation, leading workshops and organising events in Slovenia and in Europe (www.moave.si).


Nayeli is currently working as a psychological researcher in Medical (clinical) Center in Ljubljana, where she is exploring psychological influences on the physical conditions (such as heart attack etc.) and their affect on a personal wellbeing of an individual.

"I was playing handball for 13 years. Started at the age of 9. And for those 13 years it was all I needed. It was not about the sport, it was my way of life, my only dream, intense purpose and unforgettable joy. It thought me more about Life than any school ever did. About failure, focus, dedication, inspiration, motivation, group work, loss, rehabilitation and mostly about psychology. Where I fit in life and where does the Life fit in me. It also showed me how much I enjoy sharing life with dedicated excitement and shared joy with others. I have always been a team player and still am. 

I am so grateful that I was growing up with this feeling of exploring my inner passion and living each day perusing what excited me. Cos what excited me, gave my life huge meaning. 

But than body started calling me back. Through different activities (dance, theater, acro yoga, body awareness workshops, everyday exploration of movement in my room :) ... ) 

I have started to experience that state of bliss, state of playfulness that I have been missing so much. 


And I realized... it was never about particular sport, but about movement itself. It was about expressing myself not only through words and sound, but mostly through body. 

Body is my communication tool. Not only with others, but mostly with myself. And it is so fulfilling to realize that this magical spark can never be taken away from me. 


It is increasingly joyful for me to experience creativity through movement and combine that with some playful cooperation from others. 

What a pure joy. "


Nayeli Špela